Friday, March 27, 2015

Baby Avi's birth story

If you would have asked me a couple years ago if I would consider doing a natural non-medicated birth I would have without hesitation said no and laughed. I have hardly any pain tolerance and not a lot of confidence in my body. But then I had an emergency c section with Drayson and knew I didn’t want to go through that again. It was not the most pleasant experience for him or me. It wasn’t horrible, but not what I wanted for my baby or my body a second time around.

When we found out I was pregnant with Avi I knew I would be going for a VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean), but I didn’t realize I would also be wanting to do it non-medicated. I knew I wanted Doug and I to take a birthing class of some kind and I stumbled across a hypnobirthing class that was here in pleasant grove so I thought, why not? I didn’t know what hypnobirthing was but it was a class close to our home that Doug and I could take together to prepare for birth, so done deal. After our first of five classes though, I was sold and hooked on the idea of a natural birth for Avi. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I was going to go for it.

Hypnobirthing isn’t about someone hypnotizing you and then having a completely painless birth like you might initially think upon hearing “Hypno.” Not at all. We watched a lot of videos with women giving birth in baths and it looked pretty effortless and painless, so I know if you can get into the right mind state, it’s possible to have a painless birth. I am not one of those people who can, or really, who is willing to let myself get to that place. So what hypnobirthing taught me, was to RELAX. To BREATHE. To LISTEN to your body and TRUST its natural urges. To remember that the pain will end and that this kind of pain is your body doing what it should to bring you a baby. And the classes gave Doug and I tools and insights on how to cope with surges (contractions) and to breathe your baby down. Doug and I could probably talk to someone for 3 hours about all the cool things we learned about the uterus and a woman’s body and what it is capable of during labor and delivery. But I won’t get into all of that here. I will say though, sphincters are amazing and a Uterus is God’s crowning creation. Lol…but seriously wow.  Learning about it all really empowered me and made me feel confident in myself, my baby, and my body’s abilities.

Avi’s birthday began for me, around 3:30 am February 19th. Her actual “due date” was February 8th. So as you can imagine, I was feeling a lot of anxiety on having to be induced soon. I didn’t want to get induced. Using Pitocin to stimulate contractions on a VBAC patient can often lead to another c section. Me no likey. So on the 17th and 18th I got a prenatal (labor stimulating) massage, ate some eggplant parmesan, and took a clary sage essential oil bath. These tactics either did the trick or Avi was just finally ready to discontinue my excellent “Womb Service” and hang out with us for reals. Who knows.  All I know was that the Braxton Hicks contractions I had been feeling since week 25 were beginning to feel much stronger and more intense. I had been experiencing random episodes of these contractions a couple days before too, but they would always fade off pretty quickly. This time they were not fading off. They began to be more consistent. I woke up Doug and told him what was going on and then immediately went to the bathroom to put make up on. Yes I really did that. You gotta do what you gotta do when you have no eyebrows and you know people might be taking pictures of you that day. Don’t judge me. I then started a bath. I wanted to labor as much as I could at home and baths are my absolute favorite way to relax and center myself. During all of this I would have to pause occasionally and breathe through contractions. Doug set up camp next to the tub with essential oils, calming music, trail mix, and our hypnobirthing book, ready to help in any way possible. I put head phones on and listened to a relaxation meditation I had been listening to for weeks.

Oh ignorance is bliss….I remember thinking at this point: if these are contractions this will be a breeze. Guess what dummy, contractions get stronger. Doy.

I texted my mom and she got my birthing entourage informed of the goings on. I felt bad because it was super early in the morning and I didn’t want to get them all up if this wasn’t all really going to go down. My mom was confident this was the real deal though and was, in fact, “going to go down”.

Eventually, my holy sanctuary (the bathtub), just wasn’t cutting it anymore in the comfort department. Every time I felt a surge coming on I felt like I needed back support or something to push against. The tub was not helping me accomplish these needs. So I got up, got dressed, and moved to sitting on the birthing ball (exercise ball) with Doug behind me on the couch. Whenever a surge would happen I would just breathe deeply and push my back into Doug for support.

Did I mention I was dealing with a nasty cold during all of this? My nose was clogged. So when my entourage arrived at my house (mom, dad, Britni, and Mei) my Dad brought a sinus rinse for me as well. I did one of these in between contractions to help me breathe easier. This part isn’t totally necessary for me to write about, I guess I just want extra props for being sick during labor.

The surges were getting closer and stronger so I decided I wanted to go to the hospital and get acclimated in my birthing room and make it feel cozy before things got crazier. We called the midwives at AF Valley OBGYN and they said to come in to the office first to make sure I was dilated enough so the hospital would take me. So there we were, sitting in the lobby area of the OB’s office, breathing heavy and contracting, lots of super pregnant women looking at me with fear in their eyes. I started to have a contraction when the midwife was about to check me so she jumped into doula mode and pushed against my knees (I couldn’t believe how much that helped) while I sat on the examination table and she talked me through it, lots of good stuff about waves. She was so sweet. I was dilated to almost a 4 so she said I was more than welcome to go to the hospital now if I wanted. I wanted. I knew I wouldn’t be getting anything for the pain, I guess I just took comfort in knowing I would be somewhere that people could help me quickly if I needed it. And then my second thought was, dilated to a 4? Only a 4? What does a 6 or 7 or an 8 surge feel like then? Was I going to die? Hush stupid brain. Just BREATHE. Then I remembered that I had never even dilated past a 2 with Drayson and that my body was going into labor all on its own. I did in fact want this to happen. So be happy dang it! Appreciate this! BREATHE. Amidst the pain I was a little excited.

We crossed the road to the hospital and realized we had never been there and weren’t sure where to go. The sweet lobby ladies pointed us in the right direction though. I got up to Labor and Delivery, they got me into a room, and poked the shiz out of me trying to find a vein to insert the tubey thing in, in case they needed to give me an IV at any point. My veins are shy, not their fault they had to poke around a bunch. Anyway, I thought I would try laboring in the tub at the hospital. That lasted about 5 minutes. Shivering while having contractions is not a good idea by the way. So I decided to start trying other positions that we had learned in Hypnobirthing class.  I brought my own nightgown to birth in, a pretty little black number from Target. Those hospital gowns are a bit too big for hobit sized me and quite ugly. If I was going to birth a baby I was going to do it in a dress I felt a little less huge in. Just another way to usher in some confidence. I got changed and sat in the hospital bed which had transformed into an upright “princess throne” position. I believe that’s what they called it. I sat there and had Doug push my knees in towards the bed when surges came. This helped a little. After doing that for a while I sat on the birthing ball again with him behind me in a chair. This is weird, but his arm was near my mouth at one point and I had the urge to bite the crap out of him during a surge. I didn’t. But I wanted to. Anyway, I stood up occasionally and leaned over the bed and just rocked side to side. I did all these things for a while. I say awhile because I literally can’t remember how long this went on. Hours and hours probably. I was not allowed to eat anything at the hospital but I snuck in some trail mix once and awhile. Shhh don’t tell. I was also being handed water and pebble ice from my sister.

At this point I made my first mistake and asked to be checked to see how far dilated I was. This began a domino effect of despair. I think I was at a 6 and shocked to only be at a 6 after all those surges and hard work. My midwife could tell I was getting a tad panic-like so she suggested breaking my water to help speed things along. I said yes please. This is a tad frowned upon in hypnobirthing because it is not necessary and can make it easier for bacteria to get up there. But I felt ok about it. After the water breaking, I laid in different positions and had my birthing team pushing my hips and sacrum. This is hard to explain so I will include pictures. Basically my birthing team all took turns putting pressure on my hips and sacrum whenever I breathed through a surge, while I laid over the birthing ball in the hospital bed. When I say Pressure I mean their entire body weight. My birthing team was amazing. They did this for me for probably ten hours by the end of it all. Doug’s mom even helped wipe me down when I urinated all over myself. Gross, but this is the reality of birthing people. And she was an angel to do that for me. The physical pressure they applied helped a little but emotionally, having them right there going through and assisting me through each surge, is what really helped. They got me through each tidal wave. 

I will admit at this point the only techniques from hypnobirthing class I could muster to help me was how to breathe. I couldn’t seem to get myself into a calm and relaxed mind frame anymore. I couldn’t remember my affirmations or meditations. I just wanted Avi here and the pain to stop. I remember telling Doug multiple times that I couldn’t do it and that I refused to ever do it again. I felt a bit like a failure but then swiftly remembered that I needed to stay focused, breathe, and that I was totally doing this and could do this. Also I had to do it, because it was too late for an epidural. No turning back now. Doug told me I could go to Hawaii and have anything I wanted around this time. I’m going to hold him to that at some point.  **side note: My advice to other hypnobirthing mamas or anyone giving birth without medication is to not get checked every hour to see how far dilated you are. That is what caused my panic and discouragement. You don’t need to know how far you are, your body will let you know when it’s time to push. And boy mine did. And that’s when the weird noises started coming from my mouth.

I was finally dilated to a 9 and wanting desperately to be at a 10 so I could push. My contractions were teaming up with a pushing feeling and I wanted to push. My cervix wanted to stay at a 9 though, yes it sure did. The midwife did something for me to help push it over the edge and turn it into a 10. I literally can’t remember what she did but Heaven thank her. As soon as she said you are at a 10, push if your body wants you to push, I PUSHED. With each contraction and pushing urge I started doing this weird low growl or moaning noise. We talked about this in birthing class. While in classI remember thinking there’s no way I would be making noises like that. But there I was, doing it. I remember thinking before a surge started, “It’ll be ok because you can make that noise again.” I can’t really explain it. It just helped. Doug and a nurse, were helping me hold my legs up to my chest.  Britni and my mom were on either side of me. I had their hands and with each surge, push, and growl I dug their hands and arms into the bed. I felt like I was going to break them. The midwife asked me if I wanted to reach down and feel Avi’s head as she started coming out. I said NO and kept pushing. I didn’t want to pause for anything, I wanted her out. The feelings at the end of birth are so bizarre. I was excited, determined, and felt like I was about to take a very very large number two. It literally feels like you are going to poop out a baby. I could feel my body telling me to slow down the pushing or there would be tearing. I could feel the burning. But I kind of ignored that and pushed with crazy red head determination. I can deal with tearing and stitches I thought. **side note: remember how I had a cold through all of this? Well it magically went away during labor and magically came back as soon as it was over. Coughing with stitches in your lady parts sucks and is scary. If I could go back I would tell myself this and sloooooow down.

15 hours of back breaking labor and 30 minutes of pushing and Avi graced us with her presence. I felt my stomach empty, SOOOO weird and cool, and there she was, in my arms, looking up at me. She didn’t cry, they needed her to cry to get gunk out but she just didn’t cry. She was rather peaceful despite everything going on. My family and I did cry though. It was a team effort and we had done it! I felt relief and shock that I had done it. Avi’s heart rate was perfect through the whole thing. She had done wonderfully and here she was, healthy and content. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my abilities, so I felt proud of myself. I felt grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me the opportunity to bring Avi into the world and to my guardian angels and birthing team for helping me through it. It’s all overwhelming in the best ways possible. Everything was worth those first skin to skin moments with my Avi girl. She brought comfort to me while the midwife and nurses stitched my torn parts and took care of everything else going on down there. Shudder.  And there’s nothing like a tiny new baby looking up at you with their adorable blue-grey newborn baby eyes. They know who you are and cling to you. It’s a beautiful thing.

So there you have it. Would I do it again? During labor I would have said Hell no, give me the epidural. But looking back at it now, I think it was worth it. I was totally involved and in control of my birthing experience. Was it painful? Yes. But it was also beautiful, empowering, awe inspiring, and something I will never ever forget. Although I feel like I didn’t have as much mental control as I had wanted, I wasn’t behaving like Angie from the movie Baby Mama like I thought I would. Best of all, it was great for Avi. She wasn’t drugged in any way like poor sleepy percoset high Drayson after my c section. Avi and I were a birthing team and that, for me, was worth it. Also Doug treated me like a “Birthing Goddess” for a while after words and was totally impressed with me so that was cool.
I in no way think this is for everyone. I applaud all mommies with whatever decisions they make for the birthing of their babies and how they plan to raise them. Being a mom is the hardest but most rewarding job ever and every mom knows what is best for them and their baby. And if they don’t, they will figure it out. This just happened to work for me. It was not easy but if Doug and I are crazy enough to have more kids I would choose hypnobirthing again and I would try again and harder to apply everything I learned in class. Besides, I get better with practice. I am confident in my body and my babies. My birthing “theme” or mantra was Confidence and Love. I definitely felt both of those things on February 19th, 2015.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


I have to keep reminding myself that I'm a mom. I'm well aware of and totally in love with Drayson. But I'm realizing that I haven't felt like I've earned those stripes yet, the ever powerful and sacred title that is MOM. I've been pooped on, thrown up on, drooled on, cried on, boogered on, crawled on, etc. But that's like...mommy 101 basics. I ask Drayson everyday to be patient with me because even these 101 basics make me lose my cool sometimes. I have so much to learn and go through still with my little buddy. Every time I see my mom interact with him though, I am reminded of how to do it. She is the most loving, patient, protective, caring, thoughtful, and beautiful Mom I know. The best example I could ask for. She makes one hell of an awesome Grandma too.

I've put my mom through a lot. I'm a red head. I had some major red head rage when I was younger. I even remember her trying to brush my hair and me screaming at her, telling her I hated her. I had an evil streak but she kept me anyway. I strapped her into my roller coaster of emotions that is me and she stands here still by my side. I've always been a needy child. Now that I have my own child I feel even needier. How can I possibly be even half as great as a mom to Drayson as she was and is to me?? I will keep trying every day.

I used to think all moms were like my mom. I have come to realize that I am SPOILED. If I could share my mom with everyone I would. I would want to make sure that everyone could experience the love that my mom has for her kids and two new grand-babies for themselves. Bottle it up some how and share the wealth.

Listen, I just love Moms. I am a Mom. Like a princess mom...and my mom is the queen mom...she is training me well. But seriously, Mommy.....I love you so much. I know you always say you learned from the best. There is a HUGE part of you that is my dear sweet sanctuary guardian angel grandma Devona (I am missing her oh so much too p.s.). But there's another part of you that is just YOU. And YOU are amazing by nature. Some things can't be taught ya know? You just have it. That X factor... Mama style.

To Drayson....I am honored to be your Mom. Thank you for choosing me...thank you for loving me and needing me and giving my life more purpose than I ever knew it could posses and more love than I ever knew I could feel. Mwah! xoxoxo

Happy Mother's Day to all Mamas!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

For Rachel

My cousin Rachel and I are the "runts" of our families, but boy do we have a large presence. We have the same hair color spirit, I say this because she is blond and I am a red head, but we share the same red head sassy fire. Watching Rachel and Hannah grow up together, it always seemed like they were a pair or a duo, attached at the hip even. I don't live in their home with them so I don't know if this is the case, but from what I have seen, their relationship reminds me of the relationship Britni and I grew up with. For these reasons I have always felt a bond with Rachel that I honestly have never openly talked about, but just knew. Considering the craziness that Rachel is going through now though, I think I would like to tell her and everyone just what I think about her now.


Being short is not always an easy task, not just anyone can pull it off. But you can. It used to drive me crazy when people teased or talked about me being tiny. But then I realized this saying is totally true:
 Funny Reminders Ecard: Short People: God only lets things grow until they're perfect. Some of us didn't take as long as others!!

Being short is unique and awesome. It's a humorous blessing even. Almost every day something silly happens because of being short. Also, short jokes and stories can be a great conversation starter ;)  Dynamite comes in small packages, the best perfumes come in tiny bottles, fun size candy is the best, travel size anything is more convenient, etc. These are all true facts. Own your tiny stature little lady. Our Little Grandma was the best example of doing just that. She was a powerful force and I think you are too. And when there are tough short girl problem days, cause there are, just call me and we will make fun of the tall people and go shopping in the kids section and get happy meals cause we there. I love being the runt along with you.

I love following you on instagram. You always post uplifting and wonderful things. And I love that you follow me and always leave such sweet comments about Baby Dray. You radiate positivity!

Why this tumor has come to you, I have no clue. I hate this tumor for coming to you. BUT, you are going to kick it's ass. That I am sure of. You are the beautiful mighty Rachel. This visitor is not welcome and you will show it the door. And we will all be there to help you give it the finger while you escort it out. In fact, I'm giving it the finger now. The road will be a hard one but you got this Rachel. And being tough doesn't mean you cant cry. If you feel like crying then you cry, it's actually quite healthy! We will cry with ya and then help lift your spirits with happy laughing tears instead ;) Little, to me, means powerful. So I Love you Little Rachel. Consider the Petersen's yours.

your little compadre,

Sunday, January 5, 2014

If I could get an explanation from God....warning: these are mostly girly problems and I'm not holding back.

If I could get an explanation from God about some things, as of right now, this would be my list: (in no particular order)

1-Teething. Why does teething have to hurt so bad? I am almost to the breaking point watching Dray struggle with pain because these tiny little teeth are cutting through his gum. He cant sleep either. I've tried cold chew toys, cold wash cloths, teething tablets, clove oil, pushing on him gums with my fingers, ice cubes wrapped in a wash cloth, etc etc etc. It just doesn't seem fair that a little baby must go through this!

2-Postpartum. So you just pushed a baby out of your who-haw and now you have to learn to nurse (see #3) so heck, let's throw in some emotional trauma. You have the urge to cry over anything, everything, and nothing all at the same time! The stress and anxiety over now caring for and raising this beautiful (but scary and screaming) child seems almost unbearable. Thrown in some major sleep deprivation to that mix as well for some real fun.

3-Nursing. All the new parents videos made it look so beautiful. What a bonding experience it will be they say. I would say I feel that way about it 1 out of every 10 nursing sessions. At the beginning it was beyond stressful...add that postpartum and you have red swollen eyes for weeks. Did you know that little new born babies can suck crazy strong? I mean enough that your nipples crack, bleed, and hurt so bad that you sob and hold your breath through trying to feed your baby. Oh but don't tense up when feeding your baby, they can sense it and it will stress them out and then your milk have trouble coming in. GGGAAH are you serious??!! How do you relax when it feels like someone is slowly trying to cut/pull your nipple off??  Dray is 7 months old now and it is no longer painful. But still a little stressful. Is he getting enough? Am I eating things that are making him sick? He has teeth now...have you ever had someone bite your tender nursing nipples? Wowzers that's a doozy.  Then when you are away from your baby for a few hours your boobs get so full of milk they feel like rocks that are going to explode. And they sometimes do. Hope you have some pads in your bra for when that happens. Dudes will just never get this.

4-Hemorrhoids and/or anal fissures. If being pregnant wasn't hard enough you are usually left with these afterwords. Lets see if your butt hole will fall apart and cause more pain than anything EVER every time you need to drop a deuce. I dare you to not pick up a swearing problem after dealing with those. They even make grown men scream and cry for help. Trust me on this. I woke up to my upstairs neighbor screaming and cussing up a storm so bad I thought he had cut off an arm. So I went upstairs to check on him and he waddles out of the bathroom saying, "sorry, I have hemorrhoids." Immediately I get it...and I want to go get him the number for the butt doctor who fixed me up and give him all my left over stupid creams that barely helped. I guess men get to experience this horrible thing too.

5- Periods......really painful terrible bloody periods that make you pass out, throw up, and want narcotics. I mean, periods so bad that you ask people if they have a tranquilizer they could shoot you with to just knock you out for a few days. But wait! Are you nursing?? You better not take anything too strong that can mess with your milk. Suffer through it. Suffer. Why does it have to hurt so bad?? The PMS that comes along with it is outrageous too. My husband sure enjoys it too.

I think there are more but I must tend to my teething baby. I am not blaming God for any of these things. I would just like to discuss with him why they happen and then kindly ask him to make it all go away. And if no changes will be made...well, then I think God should make it so I wont gain weight from all the ice cream and treats it takes to help me deal with these issues.

P.s. I love my baby Drayons sooooo much that all of this is worth it if it means I get him. And the times that nursing does work out great it is a little magical and cute. Although lately when he is nursing he likes to grab my face and mouth and scratch, slap, and pull. That is not so cute.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas feels good :)

Drayson has been taking great naps today so I have time to blog.....I dont have anything to say really though. Other than I LOVE Christmas. I love how everyone is in a giving mood and spirit. I wish it would carry on with everyone for the rest of the new year too. How cool would that be? 

I'm super excited for Drayson's first Christmas. I wish his cousin Mei could be here with him! I'm sure he will enjoy playing with boxes and paper more than he will enjoy the toy smart phone I got him. But I am still excited to watch him open it. 

I also wish there were 3 of me during the holidays. Because I have three families I would love to spend the whole day with but just cant. 

This New Year's Eve will be a tender one. My Grandma DeVona passed away last year on New Year's Eve just before midnight. I know she got a chance to hang out with Drayson while he was still in Heaven waiting to board the crazy train that is Doug and I. But I can't help but wish she was here with us still so I could watch her with Dray baby. I miss her so much. There's a part of me in denial that she isn't in St. George just hanging out still. When I do let myself think about not being able to give her a hug or talk with her I break down a little. I cant wait to see and hug my sassy 4'9 friend again. But until then....we shall play canasta and swear up a storm in honor of her. New year's eve we're going to play canasta all night in honor of that wonderful Grandma, Mother, and Best Friend. I am going to channel her and kick everyone's butts. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Warning: This is a hatred of pornography vent session

Ok, I am all for freedom of speech/expression, but I don't think Pornography should be a part of that because it is twisted and messed up. I also think teaching/preparing your children to guard themselves from porn is awesome, but I honestly don't think it's enough. Which sucks. I will be doing all I can to help my children through it but I think it's about time serious measures are taken to knock it off and out.

The porn industry is a filthy sack of rotting cow crap that destroys anything and everything sacred. It's addicting and seriously messes with your brain. I think it should be abolished and all those involved in the production of it should be fined and get therapy. This will never happen though, so any and every way to make it harder to access is a great step. There should be no justification for it's existence. If life wasn't hard enough, humans throw crap like porn into the mix. It's like we're asking for and teaching men and women to have really screwed up ideals of each other by it being out there and so easily accessed. It's creating our future sexual predators. It's a joke!

I really wish we had a super human hero who could take this issue into their hands and make it their job to obliterate it from planet Earth! Because I think it would take a super hero to do it. So while we wait for this Porno Pulverizer to come rid us of the filth, take a stand and support any efforts made to guard ourselves from it. Teach your kids about it, talk about it, and get help with it if you have an addiction.

Ok rant over.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

I'm sure no one will believe this (jk), but I was a HELLION when I was younger. My red head rage was at it's peak. I told people what I wanted, when I wanted it, where I wanted it, and that was that. I would claw Britni's face, hit Madison (with full force) with my dinosaur doll when he snored, scream hateful things at my mom when she tried to brush my hair, glare at people on planes, yell at my great grandma, etc. I don't know how any mom would put up with it. My own mother was about ready to give me away to my Grandma. I don't blamer her. Thankfully my Grandma was a miracle worker and managed to (through herbal remedies) drain some of the copper from my system. My hair got a little less red, my eyes turned a little more green and a little less copper, and I calmed way down. From then on I was an Angel. Not really. But I was way better. My mom kept me and I'm glad she did.

My mom is a Grizzly Bear Mama. If you dare to cross her kids she will murder you most ferociously. In the first grade, my evil teacher whom I hated, made me write sentences because I put my head down for seriously two seconds while watching a documentary about crystal formations. I was such a tiny little kid and that TV was so freaking high! My neck was killing me from looking up. So I put my head down to rest it for a second and she called me out in front of the class and made me write sentences. I was oh so shy. This experience freaked me out big time. When I got home I was miserable and couldn't believe I had gotten in trouble. My mom knew something was up with me. So she asked me what was wrong and I told her through tears what had happened. She got on the phone and I don't know who she talked to but I know they were getting their butts verbally kicked. I felt better much better :)

My mom always did super special things for us on our birthday. She made us whatever we wanted for breakfast and dinner. She also made whatever cake we wanted. Even if it was one with the backstreet boys on it or a Halloween themed cake, or angle food cake, whatever you wanted! In Junior high she came to school and decorated my locker, she set up a surprise date with my crush when I turned 16, took me to a backstreet boys concert, there were always balloons and banners, etc. She made us feel like a Queen (or King) for the day.

My mom and I eventually did hit a rough patch. At the time I thought she was trying to control me and be a royal pain, so I distanced myself from her in every way possible. Now I know she was just trying to stop me from feeling horrible heartache. I'm glad that phase of my life is over. Cause I function the way I should and waaaay better when my mom and I are best friends.

Today is her birthday. She was up at the crack of dawn catering an event for friends. This is what my mom does. She loves to do things for people. Especially when it involves making them something yummy. She is the most deeply caring person you will meet. You have a friend for life, no matter what, if you keep her close. She's amazing at what she does and she does A LOT. She lost her own mom last New Years Eve and has made it a goal to be just as amazing as she was with her grand kids

. She's already done it and continues to do it on a daily basis. Her mama would be and totally is proud of her. Without a doubt.

Anyway, Drayson is demanding my attention at this point. He has some of my red head rage in his genetic make up somewhere. But I just wanted to brag about my mom for a bit. I love you so much Mom! Happy Birthday!